…101 ways to get arrested is a compilation of “true story” reality events that occurred during day to day operations of Bail Bonds VA. Having a front row seat to situations and predicaments that everyday people find themselves in. Surety Bondsman are the first to respond to the family and the loved ones of someone who breaks the law and ends up in jail….

incarceration rates 2015

When the pretrial services act was signed into law In 1982, for every 100,000 people in the United States, 139 of us were incarcerated in local jails, state or federal prison. By 2008 that ratio grew to 504 prisoners per 100,000 people… as of 2017 incarceration rates have soared to over 750 per 100,000 people, an unprecedented increase. Pretrial release programs are directly or indirectly responsible contributing to mass incarceration in the U.S….

There is and has been a conscious and aggressive movement to abolish Bail Bonding in the United States. Although a constitutional right to bail is given to us by the 8th amendment, National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies call for the pre-conviction probation in every jurisdiction in the U.S. and the abolition of compensated surety.

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