Have you ever been in an argument with your loved one? It’s a question I already know the answer to. Have you ever gotten so upset that you just want to leave, get in your car or walk down the road and be anywhere but here? Of course you have. But what if the argument escalates and say for instance your wife or girlfriend wants to see your phone and grabs it out of your hand or you demand to see your husband’s phone and while looking at it you see the text messages from some girl he met on facebook. You are so angry and hurt that you throw the phone up against the wall, the screen shatters, your relationship shatters, and then, overwhelmed with anger you scream as loud as you can, “GET OUT! WE ARE THROUGH!” Knock at the door. Two police officers in full regalia stand in the doorway and inform you that they are responding to a social disturbance call and ask you if everything is alright. You respond: Yes officer everything is fine, we just had an argument. Officer number one: “How did you get that scratch on your face?” You respond “Oh I didn’t realize I had a scratch, must have happened when my wife was trying to grab my phone.” Officer number two: “Is your wife here?” You respond “Yes, She’s here, come on in.” What happens next is a well told story that some of you already know. The officers separate the combatants and conduct interviews. The wife tells her side of the story, how she found out you were cheating on her because of the texts on your phone. You tell the officers how she is really jealous and wanted to see your phone and how she was upset because she saw some texts and how… Officer number two: “Where is the phone?” Is this it?” The officer holds up the cell phone with the smashed screen. You say, “Yep, that’s it.” Officer number one says “Do you want to press charges?” You say “No, of course not.” Officer number two asks your wife to turn around and put her hands behind her back. This is where things get crazy. See, the officer has found enough evidence to charge your wife with assault on a family member, because of the scratch on your face…your testimony. Also, destruction of property, her testimony and physical evidence. Your wife, already furious, goes to the next level of rage. Absolutely unfair! You are the one cheating, She gets arrested. Seeing your wife unjustly arrested and now being restrained is too much for you too handle. You attempt to intervene by pulling your wife away from the officer and pleading with the officer to release her. Suddenly, you are blinded by the most intense burning sensation you ever experienced…Pepper Spray. You find yourself on the floor handcuffed, in custody, charged with obstruction of justice. Better call a Bondsman.

This is a true story and similar to dozens of stories I’ve heard in the past. I would love to hear your story. I look forward to reading your comments.

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