Here’s a great way to get arrested! Here’s all you need to do. First you give a friend a ride to WalMart because you are a good neighbor and your friend told you she needed some baby supplies and she needed to return a item. You say sure, no problem: You walk into the store together, you even take a turn pushing the cart and go to the check out station together. In fact, you were with her the whole time except for when she filled the new “Baby Bag” she was purchasing with various other items she had no intention of paying for.

Here is what happened next. The cameras caught the entire visit on film, you were detained then placed under arrest for felony shoplifting (over $200.00 in value) taken to the local county jail where you prayed that you get a bond…or maybe pre-conviction (pretrial probation) probation.

But wait a minute! You didn’t have a blessed thing to do with this! You were just being a good Samaritan and now your facing a Felony charge. It’s not fair…but it happens every day in every WalMart in just about every town in America. Have questions? Send us a note on how you got arrested and maybe we’ll use your story in our updates! 101 ways to get arrested! Choose your friends wisely

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