How to Get Arrested… It’s Not That Hard

Getting arrested is really a lot easier than you think. As the owner of a premier Bail Bonding company, I have a front row seat to the law enforcement goings on, on a daily basis and from time to time even I am amazed at what can happen to everyday hardworking people. Here is what happened Monday night: Classic – Man comes home from work around 8:00 pm and found his wife drunk and really pissed off. Seems that the neighbor lady had come over and asked to borrow the iron… again. She had borrowed it the week before and said that her husband was really nice and that she would bring it right back like she did last time. This evidently made the wife extremely jealous and when her Husband arrived home she was in a drunken rage. She grabbed the keys to his work truck and told him she was leaving and headed for the door. The husband tried to calm her down and asked her not to leave, especially in her drunken state, driving their truck. Neighbors heard the hollering and called the police…

When the police arrived, one officer spoke with wife and got her story and one got the lowdown from the husband…here is what happened next. The husband was arrested for Assault on a family member, destruction of property, a lamp was broken during the conflict and abduction. That’s right, ABDUCTION, you can not hold someone against their will, drunk or not. The next morning the now sober wife called me and wanted me to help her post the $20,000 bond. This was actually a very nice family and I hope things work out well for them

Driver’s License and Registration Please

Everybody basically knows what that means. You have been pulled over by a law enforcement officer and they want to see your driver’s license. Maybe it was speeding, maybe a dead inspection sticker, tag light, any number of reasons, but what does it matter…just pull over. Roll down your window, keep your hands on the wheel at 10 and 2 and be respectful. You might receive a citation or a ticket but it’s not the end of the world. Let me introduce you to Rupert…Rupert is one of those people who thinks the cops are always out to get him. Maybe he watches those YouTube videos about people arguing with the police at traffic stops or perhaps he thinks of himself as an activist standing up against the man. Sounds like this: Officer – May I see your driver’s license and registration please? Rupert – I’m not showing you Shit! Why did you pull me over? You ain’t got no reason to be pulling me over…and so on and so on. Meanwhile Rupert’s friend is video taping the whole transaction while Rupert shows off for the camera. This will not end well for Rupert. The officer calls for back up and is now asking Rupert to step out of the vehicle. Rupert rolls up his window and calls who? THE POLICE! he wants to speak to the officer’s supervisor. Meanwhile the officer is shouting commands to Rupert…GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE! KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM! Rupert pays no attention to the commands and then the officer smashes the driver’s side window and drags Rupert from the vehicle. Chaos ensues as the passengers in the vehicle are ordered OUT OF THE CAR! GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! Officers with guns drawn, some are well trained and experienced and some are rookies full of adrenaline and fear. Certainly Rupert and his friends are going to jail or worse if someone reaches for their phone in the console or a purse under the seat. READ ALL ABOUT IT! POLICE SHOOT UNARMED MAN AT TRAFFIC STOP! It’s a strange time we’re living in. Rioters in the streets burning cities down, movements to defund police departments and police officers gunned down in broad daylight. Media coverage highlighting the plight of the poor in spite of their criminal behavior. Regardless of what side of America you’re on, the left or the right, socialist or capitalist, black, white brown or green, do yourself and your loved ones a favor. When you get pulled over by a police officer just give them your license and registration, say yes sir, yes ma’am and live to fight another day.

Proverbs 13:20

Read it – Apply it – Change your life

20 Walk with the wise and become wise;
    associate with fools and get in trouble.

Credit Card Fraud…Mafia Style

Some people think: Credit card fraud? Oh heck no, not me. Have you ever used someone else’s card to make a purchase? Yeah, probably so. It’s harmless enough. Here’s how it goes: Your daughter is running up to the store to get some items and you say, “Here, use my card”. No problem right? Well it really doesn’t violate any state or Federal law but it probably does violate your contract with your credit card company but so what. Step across the line, go ahead. It’s not fraud as long as no fraud was committed or intended and that’s really up to the owner of the card.

TRUE STORY: Dan and Becky have been together for eight years. Every Monday and Thursday Dan would use Becky’s credit card to get gas in his car for his commute to work. Dan would also use the card for lunch or dinner from time to time. Becky happens to look at the credit card statement an notices there are often two lunches or dinners paid for on the same day. Can anyone guess what happens next? Becky starts her investigation. Every man knows that it is impossible to withstand a woman’s examination of the evidence and the cross examination of the days, dates, places and times that the dual dinners and lunches occurred. Eventually the truth comes out. Becky discovers that Dan has been having “lunch and “dinner” with co-worker, Ellen, and paying for it with her card. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In the end Dan was charged with credit card fraud and obtaining money under false pretenses

ANOTHER TRUE STORY: Imagine a van loaded with credit card blanks, skimmers, cameras and three men from an Armenian crime crew. They were arrested in a Bank of America parking lot where they were parked. Their van was positioned so they had a clear view of the ATM so the camera could take close ups of pin numbers. The fraudsters would take turns standing in line so they could get close enough to skim the info on the card and they would match the pin and clean the account. The Bank of America teller noticed that the van had been there all morning and alerted his manager. Now imagine 100 of these Armenian crime crews throughout the United States doing their best to do their worst. Devastating. Honestly, I think if any of us think long enough and hard enough about how to commit fraud we could probably come up with a 100 ways to do it. Just remember this: There are 101 ways to get caught.

Expert in the Art of Lying

Have you ever heard the saying “They cant tell the truth to save their life”. You probably know someone who is known as a pathological liar. Nobody has the story weaving, tall tale telling, stuffing the skin of the truth with a lie thing down better than an addict. Sounds like this: ”Mom the reason I keep getting arrested for driving on a suspended license is because I can’t afford to pay the fines to get it reinstated”… “Well I was working but I can’t risk driving because I don’t want to get another driving on suspended.” This makes sense and because you love your child, regardless of their age, and because their reasoning sounds so logical you give them the money to get their license drama straightened out. Then this happens: Well I went to the court to pay my fines but the court was closed because of COVID and my roommate didn’t have their part of the rent so I had to pay his portion of the rent because we can’t lose our place to live but when he gets paid he’s going to pay me back…

It’s always something right? Here’s the truth. Heroin addicts become expert in manipulating the people who are most likely to produce the money required to purchase the drug that prevents them from the “dope sick” withdrawal that awaits them if they can not get their fix. This is a hard truth to comprehend, especially difficult if the person is your son or daughter. The person that you would certainly give your life for if it came down to them or you. For many of my clients truth is a matter of life and death.


We have all heard the saying “The Truth Will Set You Free”. Many of us don’t actually know where it comes from. The Gospel of John Chapter 8-32. Basically, Jesus said, If you stick to my words and live them out, you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. I know this! I believe this! But why do I still lie? I’m pretty good at it too. I lied at BOGANGLES. I was talking to my wife on the phone waiting in the drive through to place an order. Here is how it went down. Wife: “Whatcha doing?” Me: “I’m at Bojangles getting a salad.” Wife: “Oh, I’ve never had a salad at Bojangles.” Me: “They’re good, well I’ll see you when I get home.” Wife: “Ok goodbye.” Me: “Bye.” Drive through attendant: “Here you are Sir, 2 Chicken breasts and a thigh and a medium Diet Coke.”


Now I thought I’d hung up the phone but my wife was still on the line. She said: “Hello? That’s an interesting salad.” BUSTED! I laughed it off, actually we both did, but why? Why did I lie? Shame is the only thing I can think of. Salad sounds a lot better than fried chicken, even If I took the skin off. OK, most of it. Here is the take away. Tell the truth. Even in the small things. There is nothing I could tell my wife that would make her not love me. Knowing the truth and telling the truth puts our relationships on common ground. We know where we stand. This is going to sound a little preachy, because it is: JESUS said: I am the Way, The TRUTH and the Life. Allow me to translate. The Way you should go, the Truth you should know and the Life everlasting. GOD BLESS THE TRUTH TELLERS!

Feels Like… I’m in a Wack a Mole Game!

Jerry stopped at the “Neon Sign“ on the way home from work. It’s a social thing, not a “I need a drink or I’ll die thing.” Just a couple of beers after work, harmless right? Jerry ordered a club sandwich and a Budweiser, chatted it up with the bartender, bought one of his buddies a beer and his buddy returned the favor. Forty five minutes and three beers later the social event was over. Jerry says goodbye to his bar room buddies and heads to the parking lot. Now here’s the thing, Jerry wasn’t drunk. Matter of fact you don’t have to be drunk to get a DWI. Three beers in 45 minutes depending on your body weight and how your body processes alcohol can result in a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08 percent, over the legal limit here in the State of Virginia and Jerry is under arrest for DWI. I met Jerry when I posted his $1000 bond. His story is very similar to my story except: I never got caught. Now Jerry had a court date where he was convicted of DWI. He paid his fine, he received five days in jail which the Judge suspended, he had to complete a VASAP program and he was put on 3 years good behavior. He survived right? Not so fast. Jerry paid the $400.00 for the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) and attended all of the classes except the last one, he had to work. Jerry was charged with another jail-able offense: Failure to comply with VASAP 18.2-271.1 Jerry was arrested again. Jerry was released on his personal recognizance and paid for yet another VASAP class. Whew finally the whole DWI ordeal was over…Not so fast. Remember the three years of good behavior probation? Yep, that’s right, Jerry was arrested for violation of probation because he missed that VASAP class. Every time Jerry would try to do the right thing and lift up his head to recover from his DWI the justice system would descend upon him once again. Jerry said, “I feel like I’m in a daggone Whack-a-Mole Game and I’m the one getting whacked!” “Every time I think it’s over, here they come again!”

Here is the irony: Virginia owns all of the liquor stores here in Virginia. In 2020 they had sales of 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS! Oh did I put that in all caps? That’s a lot of booze for the little ole’ State of Virginny…Kind of unholy Eh? First they sell it to us and then they stick it to us for drinking it…and driving of course. Bail Bonds VA has resources for Jerry! Celebrate Recovery is a 12 step faith based program for people with hurts, habits and hang ups. It’s FREE and it’s helped thousands of people like Jerry get through our judicial system.

You Looking at Me?

Sounds funny now right? As some of you know, back in the day those were fighting words. Johnny is sitting with his friends down at the skating rink. Some guy across the rink is giving him the ‘you wanna piece of me‘ stare and then a hard brush on the shoulder and it was on. Fist fight in the parking lot. Most people gathered around to watch the fight until one of you started getting the worst of it and somebody would step in and break it up. Black eye, bloody lip and a chipped tooth was all you lost but your macho pride was intact. Here‘s what happens these days: Police are called to the scene, The guy with the black eye says he fell down and hurt his eye, the guy with the bloody lip and the chipped tooth doesn’t want to press charges but the crowd, yes the crowd lets go the “Tale of the Tape” and tells the entire story from beginning to end. Police: “Who hit who first?’ Crowd: “Well that guy over there said something to that guy over there and then that guy over there punched that guy over there and then they started fighting and then…Well… you get the picture. Here is today’s reality. The guy who hit first gets charged with assault. If he was the guy who administered the bloody lip he could very well get charged with malicious wounding. 18.2-51 Virginia law on malicious wounding can be summarized as: any person who maliciously shoots, stabs, cuts, or wounds any person, or, by any means causing him bodily injury with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill, then he can charged with a class 6 felony. If you draw blood in a fight that’s enough to get charged with malicious wounding. Here is some more bad news. Malicious wounding is a presumption charge, it presumes that you are NOT eligible for bond and you are held without. That’s right! Hire an attorney to file a motion for a bail hearing and spend about a week in jail praying you get a bond. What would have been a scuffle in the parking lot a few years ago now turns in to a felony charge with some serious consequences. Remember what Matthew recounted in Matthew 5:38-40? It’s the place where Jesus says that if someone slaps you upside the head let them slap you on the other side as well. It’s really good and applicable instructions on how NOT to get arrested.

How to Turn a Paper Cup into a Missile

So…what had happened was…you were driving down the road minding your own business when a car pulls up on your rear end that gives a new meaning to tailgating. Lights flashing, horn blowing and hand signals are giving you the impression that this person behind you is having an emergency. You would gladly move over into the right lane on this four lane highway but there is a car on your right, one in front of him and one behind him. The person behind you is yelling obscenities at you, you can’t hear them but you see them in your rear view mirror. They are out of control! Red Light! You stop for the red light! This seems to exacerbate the out of control driver having a conniption fit on your bumper, finally you can change lanes and let crazy lady go around you. Instead, the road raged driver follows you into the right lane and continues her erratic behavior! Is it possible that road rage is contagious, kind of like a yawn? Maybe so because your road rage button just got pushed! Looking in your rear view mirror you’re palms up sayin WTF is wrong with you lady? She passes you on the left but decides to shadow you,  parallel to your car still shouting vulgar insults with an intensity that makes you think she just might try to run you off the road. THATS IT! Had enough. You reach for the McDonalds cup in your cup holder and toss it out the window at her car. Your temper has flared! You have contracted the rage! Finally she speeds off and leaves you shaking and shaking your head. Wow that happened so fast!

Blue Lights: Yep, right in the rear view mirror.  “Drivers license and registration please.” “Did you have an altercation with a driver a little while ago?” “Why yes I did!” You tell the officer the whole story with emotional enhancement how she tailgated you yelling and screaming even tried to run you off the road. “Did you throw anything at her vehicle?” The officer asks.  You confess, “Well, I think I tossed a McDonalds coke at her when she was threatening to run me off the road.”

Game Over: You are under arrest! That’s right, any person unlawfully throwing any missile at a motor vehicle when occupied by one or more people is guilty of a Class 6 Felony! If the person throws the object maliciously its a Class 4 Felony. This is a very serious offense!

Check it out! 18.2-154 Shooting or throwing missiles!

Not worth it right! Absolutely Not! Keep your wits about you and don’t get arrested.

Think about this. The application of knowledge is wisdom

Those Are My Cigarettes Ms. Ratchet

So… let me get this straight. You haven’t worked since March. Nobody is hiring, desperation sets in and you are looking at the stack of bills on the table with your head in your hand. The phone rings. Your friend’s friend is on the line with what sounds like the best offer you’ve had all year. Drive a van down to North Carolina and simply buy cigarettes, 5 cartons at a time at as many convenience stores as possible. Work your way up through Virginia and bring them back to New York. You make a cool $500.00 every time you do it. Sounds easy enough right? Well congratulations, you just became a trafficker of contraband that has major organized crime implications.

Cigarettes in New York City sell for over $13 dollars a pack, not much of a riddle when you can buy them for $5.15 per pack in Virginia.  For Example:

Mohamed Seid Ahmed Mohamed of Chesterfield County pleaded guilty in federal court in September to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to trafficking in contraband cigarettes worth almost $20 million over a 2½-year period. He faces up to five years in prison when sentenced. Mohamed used a cigarette shop and a restaurant as fronts in his operation, which authorities said cheated Virginia out of more than $1 million in sales tax.

However if you have more than 25 cartons but less than 200 cartons you could be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor…Read More

§ 58.1-1017.1. Possession with intent to distribute tax-paid, contraband cigarettes; penalties.

Any person who possesses, with intent to distribute, more than 5,000 (25 cartons) but fewer than 40,000 (200 cartons) tax-paid cigarettes is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor for a first offense and is guilty of a Class 6 felony for any second or subsequent offense.

Lots of good people get arrested trying to do the right thing in the wrong way. Trafficking  cigarettes is a good way to get on the bad side of the law. A real good way to get arrested!

Check Out How New York Does It!……


Just a Ride to WalMart

Here’s a great way to get arrested! Here’s all you need to do. First you give a friend a ride to WalMart because you are a good neighbor and your friend told you she needed some baby supplies and she needed to return a item. You say sure, no problem: You walk into the store together, you even take a turn pushing the cart and go to the check out station together. In fact, you were with her the whole time except for when she filled the new “Baby Bag” she was purchasing with various other items she had no intention of paying for.

Here is what happened next. The cameras caught the entire visit on film, you were detained then placed under arrest for felony shoplifting (over $200.00 in value) taken to the local county jail where you prayed that you get a bond…or maybe pre-conviction (pretrial probation) probation.

But wait a minute! You didn’t have a blessed thing to do with this! You were just being a good Samaritan and now your facing a Felony charge. It’s not fair…but it happens every day in every WalMart in just about every town in America. Have questions? Send us a note on how you got arrested and maybe we’ll use your story in our updates! 101 ways to get arrested! Choose your friends wisely