Getting arrested is really a lot easier than you think. As the owner of a premier Bail Bonding company, I have a front row seat to the law enforcement goings on, on a daily basis and from time to time even I am amazed at what can happen to everyday hardworking people. Here is what happened Monday night: Classic – Man comes home from work around 8:00 pm and found his wife drunk and really pissed off. Seems that the neighbor lady had come over and asked to borrow the iron… again. She had borrowed it the week before and said that her husband was really nice and that she would bring it right back like she did last time. This evidently made the wife extremely jealous and when her Husband arrived home she was in a drunken rage. She grabbed the keys to his work truck and told him she was leaving and headed for the door. The husband tried to calm her down and asked her not to leave, especially in her drunken state, driving their truck. Neighbors heard the hollering and called the police…

When the police arrived, one officer spoke with wife and got her story and one got the lowdown from the husband…here is what happened next. The husband was arrested for Assault on a family member, destruction of property, a lamp was broken during the conflict and abduction. That’s right, ABDUCTION, you can not hold someone against their will, drunk or not. The next morning the now sober wife called me and wanted me to help her post the $20,000 bond. This was actually a very nice family and I hope things work out well for them

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