Have you ever heard the saying “They cant tell the truth to save their life”. You probably know someone who is known as a pathological liar. Nobody has the story weaving, tall tale telling, stuffing the skin of the truth with a lie thing down better than an addict. Sounds like this: ”Mom the reason I keep getting arrested for driving on a suspended license is because I can’t afford to pay the fines to get it reinstated”… “Well I was working but I can’t risk driving because I don’t want to get another driving on suspended.” This makes sense and because you love your child, regardless of their age, and because their reasoning sounds so logical you give them the money to get their license drama straightened out. Then this happens: Well I went to the court to pay my fines but the court was closed because of COVID and my roommate didn’t have their part of the rent so I had to pay his portion of the rent because we can’t lose our place to live but when he gets paid he’s going to pay me back…

It’s always something right? Here’s the truth. Heroin addicts become expert in manipulating the people who are most likely to produce the money required to purchase the drug that prevents them from the “dope sick” withdrawal that awaits them if they can not get their fix. This is a hard truth to comprehend, especially difficult if the person is your son or daughter. The person that you would certainly give your life for if it came down to them or you. For many of my clients truth is a matter of life and death.


We have all heard the saying “The Truth Will Set You Free”. Many of us don’t actually know where it comes from. The Gospel of John Chapter 8-32. Basically, Jesus said, If you stick to my words and live them out, you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. I know this! I believe this! But why do I still lie? I’m pretty good at it too. I lied at BOGANGLES. I was talking to my wife on the phone waiting in the drive through to place an order. Here is how it went down. Wife: “Whatcha doing?” Me: “I’m at Bojangles getting a salad.” Wife: “Oh, I’ve never had a salad at Bojangles.” Me: “They’re good, well I’ll see you when I get home.” Wife: “Ok goodbye.” Me: “Bye.” Drive through attendant: “Here you are Sir, 2 Chicken breasts and a thigh and a medium Diet Coke.”


Now I thought I’d hung up the phone but my wife was still on the line. She said: “Hello? That’s an interesting salad.” BUSTED! I laughed it off, actually we both did, but why? Why did I lie? Shame is the only thing I can think of. Salad sounds a lot better than fried chicken, even If I took the skin off. OK, most of it. Here is the take away. Tell the truth. Even in the small things. There is nothing I could tell my wife that would make her not love me. Knowing the truth and telling the truth puts our relationships on common ground. We know where we stand. This is going to sound a little preachy, because it is: JESUS said: I am the Way, The TRUTH and the Life. Allow me to translate. The Way you should go, the Truth you should know and the Life everlasting. GOD BLESS THE TRUTH TELLERS!

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