So…what had happened was…you were driving down the road minding your own business when a car pulls up on your rear end that gives a new meaning to tailgating. Lights flashing, horn blowing and hand signals are giving you the impression that this person behind you is having an emergency. You would gladly move over into the right lane on this four lane highway but there is a car on your right, one in front of him and one behind him. The person behind you is yelling obscenities at you, you can’t hear them but you see them in your rear view mirror. They are out of control! Red Light! You stop for the red light! This seems to exacerbate the out of control driver having a conniption fit on your bumper, finally you can change lanes and let crazy lady go around you. Instead, the road raged driver follows you into the right lane and continues her erratic behavior! Is it possible that road rage is contagious, kind of like a yawn? Maybe so because your road rage button just got pushed! Looking in your rear view mirror you’re palms up sayin WTF is wrong with you lady? She passes you on the left but decides to shadow you,  parallel to your car still shouting vulgar insults with an intensity that makes you think she just might try to run you off the road. THATS IT! Had enough. You reach for the McDonalds cup in your cup holder and toss it out the window at her car. Your temper has flared! You have contracted the rage! Finally she speeds off and leaves you shaking and shaking your head. Wow that happened so fast!

Blue Lights: Yep, right in the rear view mirror.  “Drivers license and registration please.” “Did you have an altercation with a driver a little while ago?” “Why yes I did!” You tell the officer the whole story with emotional enhancement how she tailgated you yelling and screaming even tried to run you off the road. “Did you throw anything at her vehicle?” The officer asks.  You confess, “Well, I think I tossed a McDonalds coke at her when she was threatening to run me off the road.”

Game Over: You are under arrest! That’s right, any person unlawfully throwing any missile at a motor vehicle when occupied by one or more people is guilty of a Class 6 Felony! If the person throws the object maliciously its a Class 4 Felony. This is a very serious offense!

Check it out! 18.2-154 Shooting or throwing missiles!

Not worth it right! Absolutely Not! Keep your wits about you and don’t get arrested.

Think about this. The application of knowledge is wisdom

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