So if you were wondering, “What can I do to get arrested?” I have the perfect answer. Here it is: DISOBEY A POLICE COMMAND. That’s right. It’s just as simple as that. I see it happen all the time, An officer makes a traffic stop for what ever reason, it really doesn’t matter why he stopped you. He approaches the car, he asks for your drivers license and registration. Simple enough right? Intelligent right thinking people hand the documents over to the officer, hands on the wheel, radio off, a tone of calm controlled respect in their voice. Officer lets you know the reason for pulling you over, my last encounter was because I neglected to turn my bright lights off. I was south bound, the officer was northbound. It was Friday night at 11:45 PM. As we passed each other I neglected to dim my lights. He turned around and pulled me over. All I really had to do was comply. I wasn’t breaking the law. I had a valid drivers license, a proper registration, I was not drinking, smoking weed, I had no outstanding warrants and I wasn’t speeding. The officer asked me, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” I replied, “No I don’t”. Officer said, “It’s because you didn’t dim your lights to oncoming traffic.” “Have you had anything to drink tonight?” I replied, “no sir.” He said, “Ok Ill be back in just a moment”. I’m quite sure he ran my license to check for warrants, came back and handed my documents to me, warned me about being more careful with my brights and we were done. For the Officer, a fishing expedition. Trying to catch drivers DUI or wanted fugitives. For me? A slight inconvenience. Yes it’s pretty much common sense for most people.

Scenario #2 – Officer, ”Roll down your window please”. You, ”Man, why did you pull me over?” Officer, “I need you to roll down your window and I’m going to need to see your drivers license and registration”. You, “Man I ain’t showing you shit until you tell my why you pulled me over”. “This is bullshit! I’m tired of all this profiling, harassment bullshit”. At this time the officer wisely calls for back up. Officer, “Sir I am going to need you to step out of your vehicle”…Now from here it can go just as far as you would like to take it. If you do not exit your vehicle the Officers will assist you. Break your window pull you out of the car and cuff you. Why? Because, you were stupid enough to disobey a police command. Here is the tale of the tape: Resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and obstruction of justice… Just for starts. Let’s all do our best to not fall for the Number One Way To Get Arrested. Take some advice from Chris Rock. On how NOT to get your ass kicked by the cops!

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